SKC 2015 Celebrates Award Winners

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Support Kansas City, a local nonprofit providing business and development support services to other nonprofits, celebrated the winners of the 2015 Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership Award on April 28, 2015. Over 150 guests attended the panel discussion and awards reception to honor Community LINC, who won the award for an agency with a budget of $1 million or more, and Girls on the Run of Greater Kansas City, who received the award for an agency with a budget of $1 million or less.

“This is our sixth year to recognize nonprofit leadership,” said Debra Box, Executive Director of Support Kansas City. “Each year we see continued growth and evolution in the way paid staff and board members collaborate both internally and externally. These leaders foster a collaborative environment within their organizations that strengthens our entire nonprofit sector. Kansas City is rich with nonprofit professionals and volunteers committed to serving our community. We should all be proud of their work and their leadership in making Kansas City a better place.”

Awards were presented following Private, Public and Government Sectors: A Conversation About Collaboration, a panel discussion which was moderated by Mary Anne Murray Simons. Panelists included David Chao, Ph.D., Stowers Institute for Medical Research; Laura Loyacono, KC STEM Alliance; Tim Moormeier, U.S. Engineering; John A. Wood, Neighborhood & Housing Services, City of Kansas City, Missouri; and Melissa Wood, Burns & McDonnell. Topics discussed included the importance of collaboration to maximize resources and impact, challenges in achieving collaborative success, recent successful collaborative efforts in Kansas City, and current opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.

Support Kansas City is based in Mission, Kansas, and provides nonprofit organizations in Kansas and Missouri with business and development expertise, empowering them to focus on their missions.

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