Kansas City Partnership To Create Next Generation Workspace Campus

by Support Kansas City

Westport Commons

Sustainable Development Partners Kansas City (sdpkc.com) along with Plexpod (plexpod.com), a Lenexa, KS based Coworking company, has announced its partnership to develop the world’s largest Coworking facility at Westport Commons, a historic school campus centrally located in Kansas City, MO, near 39th and Main.

By using a “shared economy” model, Plexpod provides affordable next-generation office workspaces including in-house resources for everyone, including dozens of conference rooms and meetup enclaves, digital maker spaces, computer labs, a recording studio, fitness and gaming rooms, barbershop, theater, coffee shop, and event spaces.

Companies of all sizes, both for-profit and non-profit alike can choose from Dedicated or Flex spaces. And regardless of company size, in a Coworking model everyone enjoys equitable access to all the amenities and resources of the entire facility while only paying for the unique people-space they require.  As explained by David Brain, SDPKC co-founder and former CEO of EPR Properties, “This new office model provides small and growth-stage companies, and even independent freelancers and contractors, office features and amenities they could’ve never afforded otherwise.” Gerald Smith, Plexpod founder and CEO added, “The potential for workers and organizations to thrive in this environment starts with the ability to collaborate with others. This means access to expertise. If you are looking for help or even ideas, it’s likely you will find it by simply walking down the hall. ”

Plexpod Westport Commons’ Phase 1, which is 160,000 sq ft, is expected to open in Q4 2016.

For additional information contact:

  • Plexpod: at 913-948-5644, or email info@Plexpod.com

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