CEO Blog: Keeping Creativity Alive

by Debra Box

SocialFeen Café and Monica Kang, founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox help keep creativity alive!

Monica Kang, photo by Novel City Chamber of Innovation

Last week Novel City Chamber of Innovation hosted Monica Kang with InnovatorsBox as their 2018 SocialFeen Café 2018 presenter.  Monica worked with a room full of nonprofit leaders to help them find their creative spark and share their passion for their work with each other.  Focusing on shifting from barriers to bright ideas, we set aside thoughts that limit our creative thinking and embraced those ideas that were expansive and rewarding.  We had thoughtful exchanges with our tablemates, and exercises that got us engaged with the rest of the workshop attendees.  It was fun to watch ideas being expanded and hear collaborative discussions that drove creative solutions in a room full of energy!

After the workshop, we were treated to presentations by emerging nonprofits with innovative approaches to community impact as part of the “SocialFeen Café – feening to connect with intellect.”  These presenters have been working closely with the Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  It was a full morning of innovation, collaboration and a little celebration!

If you want to read more about Novel City Chamber of Innovation and learn more about their venture development program, check out their website:

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